Winter Roofing Problems

When the winter comes, the elements of snow, wind and changing temperatures can be harsh to your roof based on how you react or don’t react to it. Roof repair in the winter time doesn’t have to be a pain if you have the proper know how of prevention and solutions of already established conditions. Make sure that you’re aware of the many winter roofing issues before they occur! Here are some common winter weather problems and solutions that we can help you with.

Roof Icicles & Winter Roofing Problems

Although pretty, roof icicles can pose threats to safety & cause roof damage.

Winter roofing problems include:

  • Snow
  • Ice Dams
  • Icicles

Naturally, the first element that comes to mind when thinking about the winter time is snow. During other times of the year, we know that problems may often arise more from roof storm damage than anything else. Yet snow? Can an element so seemingly innocent really be so sneaky? Can snow damage your roof?

It certainly can! Let’s break down the ways it can be a menace so you too can break the ice (haha) when it collects your roof top as well.


The contrasting temperatures of the outside cold and inside warmth of your house or attic can have heavy repercussions on your roof. Oftentimes, the warm temperatures that are within your home can provide uneven heat in certain areas of your roof. Subsequently, snow ends up melting on the surface, only for the cool winds to freeze them before they naturally make their way down to the ground. Unfortunately, this simple phenomena is the root of many winter roofing problems such as ice dams and icicles.

Ice Dams

What causes a roof ice dam?

When warmed up snow melts from higher areas of your roof’s slope and refreezes in the gutters or eaves of your roof. A danger that this posits concerns the collection of ice which can stop the progression of the water from fully escaping down their natural paths of escape from gutters and downspouts. Instead, they pool behind the ice dams. That’s not to say that the water can’t find other means of escape, it’s just that the alternatives end up becoming detrimental to your home.

If there are any joints or cracks in your roofs, water can escape through leaks of your home which can cause internal damage.

Subsequently, in the winter time, if you find leaks in other areas of your home, it might also have to do with plumbing. In these cases, be sure to winterize plumbing to prevent water leaks.


As with ice dams, are icicles a sign of poor insulation?

Oftentimes, ice dams and icicles go hand in hand as icicles often form under the same conditions. If gutters or downspouts are clogged, the leaking water can form like decorative stalactites around your home. However, the threat that icicles form is not so pretty. Numerous icicles can cause further roofing problems by weighing down on gutters and shingles which could potentially slacken, become loose, or in some cases fall off. Icicles also most a safety threat as it is unknown when they may fall on an unsuspecting flower, or worse, yourself! (Take it from someone who learned this the hard way.)

Winter Roofing Solutions with Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Snow Rakes Clear Gutters

Being proactive can prevent future roof damages, using a snow rake is a great way to clear your gutters!

Here are some common ice dam solutions that can help prevent your potential winter roofing problems. Although some are helpful pre-meditated steps, checking up on these conditions even after ice dams or icicles have already formed can still prevent the issues from becoming worse.

How do I stop ice build up on my roof?

Essentially, make sure that your roof has proper insulation and your attic comprises a system of ventilation that best works for your home. Together or separately, these two points will allow for maintainable temperatures and proper maintenance of moisture which in turn can prevent cracks and leaks from forming. In your gutters, be sure to get rid of any debris and foliage that may be adding to the block.

Snow is often heavier when wet, if snow has recently fallen and is in it’s fluffy or mushy stage, take it upon yourself to use a snow rake to scrape the clumps down before they become too wet and form into ice. If the ice dam has solidified, chances are that calcium chloride will need to be incorporated in order for it to break down the ice and naturally melt from exposure to this compound over time.

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The secret prevention of winter roofing problems lies in how you are willing to address the case before it snowballs and becomes an issue. When you see the first signs of potential damages, take responsibility before you find yourself in the dangers of the freeze. Whether it be by giving us a call at 832-815-9463 or investing in a snow rake, chances are, damage can be prevented prematurely if you are proactive. If you need winter roof repair in La Porte & Baytown, TX, you can count on the team at 12 Stones Roofing.