Signs You Need Storm Damage Repairs

A Tree That Has Fallen on a Home to Render Storm Damage.

Toppled Trees Can Indicate a Need for Major Storm Damage Repair.

One of the primary functions of a well-constructed roof is defense from the elements. While you and your family sit comfortably in your home, your roof stands up to hail, wind, and heavy rainfall, and protects both you and the rest of your home from damage. Naturally, your roof will likely require maintenance and repair in the aftermath of the storm. If you fail to have this done, you will have a weakened roof vulnerable to major storm damage and failure. Once a storm ends, make sure you review your roof for signs of the following problems.

Common Indicators of Storm Damage

Your Attic: Your attic stands as the first place that will reveal the presence of a water leak in your roof. You’ll want to look carefully for any puddles and water stains.

Gutter Damage: Gutters are an essential element of storm defense, as they channel water away from your foundation. If a storm left them damaged or separated from your roof, you need repair.

Granule Loss: When you check your gutters for signs of damage, also look for roofing granules. If you find an abundance, then you may need to replace your entire roof. Shingles that have lost their granules provide poor defense, and are either too old or defective.

Shingle Damage: On the subject of shingles, inspect your roof for signs of missing or damaged shingles. If you have a few missing or damaged shingles here and there, simple repairs will likely suffice. If you lost an abundance of shingles, you’ll need a new roof.

If your home has suffered storm damage in La Porte & Baytown, TX, reach out to the local experts at 12 Stones Roofing. We can readily inspect your roof and perform repairs, and even help you with an insurance claim. To learn more or request service, give us a call at 832-815-9463.