Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

You’ll Need a New Shingle Roof if an Abundance of Shingles Are Damaged or Missing.

With adequate care and maintenance, an asphalt shingle roof will last between 15 and 20 years. Once it approaches or surpasses this length of time, you can count on a steady litany of problems. Generally speaking, this will require the installation of a new shingle roof. Pay attention for the following signs, and call a trusted roofer immediately should they begin to appear. The reason for haste is simple: once your roof becomes too old, the next major storm can cause total failure.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Your shingles protect the rest of your home from the damage caused by serious leaks. Once large numbers of them become displaced or damaged, you can find yourself in a situation that requires a new shingle roof. Every missing shingle presents the opportunity for a leak. The same applies to damaged shingles. If you notice that an abundance of shingles have damage like creasing, cracks, softened areas, or hail spots, then it is often cheaper to spring for total roof replacement versus repairs.

Lost Roofing Granules

Your shingles have roofing granules to guard against sun damage and lessen the extremity of hail impacts. Once these granules begin to disappear, your shingles will quickly succumb to sun damage. The sun will cause shingles to curl and become basically ineffective. To know whether your roof exists in danger of this, look to your gutters. Roofing granules will gradually collect here, and can appear in abundance if your roof has become too old, or if the materials themselves are faulty.

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