Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated Metal Roofing Is the Economical Choice for a Metal Commercial Roof.

Most times, when you think of corrugated metal roofing, agricultural buildings or warehouses built back in the 1800’s come to mind. However, as manufacturing technology has improved, so has corrugated metal. Today, you can have an attractive and rugged corrugated metal roof that will perform excellent service for even a residential structure. At 12 Stones Roofing, we’re your local experts for this rustic material.

Though corrugated metal has become more popular on homes, there are still various types better suited for commercial roofs. Out of the many types of corrugated metal to choose from, we recommend either U panel or R panel roofing. For service with either type of this corrugated metal roofing in La Porte & Baytown, TX, you can count on our team. Call us today at 832-815-9463, and we’ll gladly schedule service or provide you with additional information.

U Panel Options

Corrugated Metal Roofing

As with Other Types of Metal Roofs, Corrugated Options Offer Premier Reflectivity.

Conventional metal roofs have 29 gauge panels, while U panel roofing typically has 26. These panels are thought to be more aesthetically pleasing, thanks to a curved, U-shaped design which makes them a preferred option for homes. Also, they make for an uncomplicated installation, since they can be applied right over an existing roof. Corrugated metal roofs are also available in wide variety of colors, which allows you to pick one that will compliment your property’s exterior.

R Panel Roofing

R panels, on the other hand, are primarily known for heightened durability and few maintenance needs. With the ability to install directly atop other materials, R panel roofs are expected to last for 50 years or more. As mentioned above, there are some types of corrugated metal still made specifically for commercial buildings. R panel roofing, because of its strength, serves as one of these.

Experts in Corrugated Metal Roofing

With any metal roof you decide on for your property, you will receive all of the standard benefits that include durability, increased energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements. If you would like to upgrade to a metal roofing system, the team at 12 Stones Roofing has the track record and premium materials you want. When you are ready to get more information or schedule installation of corrugated metal roofing in La Porte & Baytown, TX, contact us at 832-815-9463.