How To Repair Roof Flashing Leak

Roof Flashing Protects Roofs

Roof flashing is an essential part of keeping your roof protected.

People often don’t know what roof flashing is as it’s not something that you can necessarily see unless your shingles are MIA and the flashing is exposed. Roof flashing repair is something that should be handled with care and as soon as possible in order to prevent further water damages that can be inflicted on your roof from exposure to the elements. Although some repairs can be simple DIYs, it’s important to know when to rely on the expert services of your local Residential roofing services for quality fixes and care. In order to not raise costs of repairs, it’s important to catch problem areas before extensive water damages invade roofing materials and heighten costs. If you notice your roof is leaking, it’s best to conduct patch repair in order to prevent further damages until the repair job is underway.

What is flashing on the roof?

Flashing is usually made of metal sheets made from aluminum or galvanized steel and is installed over roofing material, joints and walls during construction in order to prevent water damages on the roof.

Is roof flashing necessary?

Yes. It protects your fascia boards, soffits and other roofing materials below from water damages and prevents leaks.

Water Runoff With Downspouts & Roof Flashing

Roof flashing allows for proper water run off towards the downspouts of your roof.

Does a roof need flashing?

Roof flashing is meant to provide a watertight seal for your roof. It provides a runoff area for rainwater so it can run down into your gutters and downspouts instead of sinking into the house.

Is flashing part of the roof?

Flashing is pretty much everywhere on your roof. Namely wherever the surface of your roof meets a wall like the front walls and side walls, the valleys or low points where your roof meets, the protrusions of your roof like skylights and vents, as well as the edges of your roof like the eaves and rakes.

How much does it cost to repair flashing on a roof?

Some projects can be simple DIYs with you purchasing a few sheet metals and shingles while some can be more extensive and cost much more. Prices can also change in relation to the age of your roof, types or quality of roofing materials or if there are existing water damages. You can expect to pay around an average of $200-$500 depending on the area of your roof and $300-$1000 for roof damage repair.

Roof Flashing Repair

Step Flashing Technique for Chimney Flashing

Flashing for your chimney requires step flashing techniques.

Roof flashing leak repair first begins by inspecting the areas of your roof like alongside walls, the base of the chimney or plumbing vents. If you see bent flashing, exposed flashing, ripped shingles, holes, water stains and more than it could be that there are exposed or loose flashing areas which are allowing water to leak through your roof. If there are holes then it’s essential to remove old caulking with a tool and wipe down the area to make sure all of the old adhesives are gone. Problem areas can then be sealed with standard application techniques of pushing and not pulling the bead. Smooth down caulk or seals with a putty knife and allow it to cure.

If roof flashing needs to be replaced than flashing repair on a roof can involve determining how much flashing is needed and cutting the metal flashing to the appropriate size when necessary. It’s recommended to cut a 45-degree angle at the end of each piece of flashing to ensure it doesn’t hit the roof when sides are folded. Once pieces have been placed appropriately, the next step involves drilling or hammering the flashing to secure it. You must then seal it by applying caulk on the nail heads. After this is done, be sure to fill the entirety of the reservoir on top of the roof flashing as well as any gaps with sealant. It’s important to check around plumbing vents and chimneys in case of chimney flashing roof repairs or roof vent flashing repair. These require a step flashing replacement technique where the flashing overlaps the previous one as you go up the roof.

If you need assistance with roof flashing repairs than rely on the professional services of your local roof repair contractor. Whenever you need a service done for your home like Wrought iron painting to roof inspections, it’s always best to consider the techniques of an expert technician so fixtures can be handled with care. Roof inspections can ensure proper fixtures are being made and localize repairs so all the areas that need to be addressed are taken into consideration. Quality services can ensure the longevity of protection for your home, always make sure to perform maintenance checks whenever necessary so you can prevent future roofing repairs!

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