Energy-Efficient Metal Roofing: Savings & Style

A Steel Roof Reflecting Sunlight

Steel and Aluminum are the Two Most Popular Metals for Residential Roofing.

Energy-efficiency is a buzzword you’ve probably seen across the web. When it comes to saving energy at home, there are several popular avenues for cutting costs, such as:

  • Habitual Changes
  • Water Heater Upgrades
  • A/C Replacement
  • Swapping Light Bulbs
  • Specialized Roofing

It’s the last one that we’ll be talking about today, specifically metal roofing. First, let’s take a look at what makes a roof efficient.

What Makes a Roof More Efficient?

There are two primary factors that determine a roof’s energy efficiency. First, a roof’s ability to insulate an interior environment from outside is probably the most crucial. Even sturdy roof’s can do a poor job of keeping cool air in (especially after incurring storm damage). Next, reflectivity plays a big part in driving away outside heat. Darker materials will general absorb and transmit more heat into the house (or business), while lighter materials will repulse more sunlight.

Are Metal Roofs More Energy-Efficient?

Metal roofs are highly capable at insulating conditioned air, keeping it inside the house. That’s why they also provide consistent savings during both the summer and winter time. What makes metal roofing stand out is the way it reflects a very high percentage of sunlight away from the house. The reason metal often feels hot to the touch, is that it is reflecting light and heat off the surface of the house. Aluminum is especially effective at conserving energy this way, but steel also provides great savings. It’s been said that homeowners with metal roofing can see as much as a 40% decrease in annual energy costs.

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