Green Roofing Installations

Green Roof

A Green Roof Can Bring Many Benefits to an Urban Environment.

Are you looking for ways to save energy, as well as reduce your business’ impact on your local environment? For a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly roofing system, you might find the installation of a green roof in La Porte & Baytown, TX to be exactly what you need! With years of experience in the roof industry, our crew is happy to help you with any and all of your roofing needs. Call 832-815-9463 if you’d like to discover more about how our contractors can improve your building’s energy efficiency!

What is A Green Roof?

Green Roof

Green Roofing Can Also Provide a Space for Employee Leisure.

Green roofing is a term that can reference more than one type of roof system. In some cases, green roofing can refer to a roof system that reduces your building’s carbon footprint, like a roof coating. Roof coatings are known to be very easy to apply over existing roof systems, which means that the application process does not require adding large quantities of waste to landfills. Thanks to how reflective roof coatings can be, they can easily reflect the sun’s UV rays, which in turn lowers energy expenses. Roof coatings are referred to as a green roof solution thanks to the many perks they offer.

In other situations, the term green roofing applies to roofs that are very literally green with vegetation. More commonly utilized in European cities, these roofing systems deliver the dual purpose of both cooling the structure, and the air surrounding it. As any person who has lived in both urban and rural areas understands, areas with plant life are generally much cooler. Urban environments consume a large amount of space, and green roof systems provide a necessary counterpoint with room to cultivate native plant species. Through reduction of greenhouse gases and the urban heat effect, these roof systems are considered another type of green roof installation. In some places, green roofs have been used to grow vegetables for building inhabitants, or to even house endangered local bird varieties.

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