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12 Stones Roofing provides a first-rate choice for residential and commercial roofing installation and roof repair in La Porte & Baytown, TX. As a military-owned company, we know a great deal about service for others through a well-orchestrated defense. Your roofing accomplishes exactly that, as it defends your home or business, family or employees, from the ravages of heat, cold, wind, rain, and worse. Since we understand the vital importance of roofing, we invest a great deal of effort into exceptional craftsmanship.

We also place a heavy emphasis on customer service, and will never consider a job finished until it exceeds your highest expectations. We can reliably assure excellence with our work thanks to our use of quality materials and exceptional personnel. Every 12 Stones Roofing roofer has the benefits of experience and training. This means that when you hire us for a repair or roofing installation, you can count on superb work that stands the test of time. We’re confident that no other local roofer can match our quality of service. To find out more or schedule work for roof repair or installation, give us a call today at 832-815-9463.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Roof Repair

We Offer Affordable, Expert Service for Roof Installation and Replacement.

As residential and commercial roofers, excellence informs our only grade of service. Any type of roof represents a substantial investment. In order to get the most value for your money, make sure you schedule work from 12 Stones Roofing. As residential roofers, we care for the homes of our clientele as if they were our own. Our roof repair service covers everything from damaged flashing to missing shingles, or any other problem you could have. As for residential installations, we have a range of different materials, and do work that leaves them optimized for premier performance.

As a commercial roofing company, we can perform stellar work for any facility, large or small. Our experienced roofers have completed projects that leave us well prepared for any eventuality. Our expertise encompasses all popular commercial roofing materials, including single ply membranes, modified bitumen, and metal. For service expertise with repairs, restorations, replacement, or more, give us a call today at 832-815-9463.

One of the primary secrets to our success is our use of quality materials. To learn more about our products, consult the links below.

Flat Roof Repair and Restoration

If you own a commercial building, there’s a good chance it has a flat roof. Flat roofing is highly beneficial for commercial structures, as its materials are generally more economical than those used on steep roofs. A flat roof also provides a space to house HVAC units. In addition to flat roof repairs, we also perform restorations. If you feel like you’ll soon need to spring for a replacement roof, contact us first about our commercial roof restoration. This remarkable service, which depends on the use of quality roof coatings, can add 10 years to the life of a compromised roof, spare the landfill tons of roofing waste, and serve as a highly economical alternative to roofing replacement.

TPO Roofing and Other Single Ply Materials

On the subject of flat roofing, single ply membranes are the premier materials for this type of roofs. Affordable and highly effective, single ply materials like TPO provide first-rate roofing service, and also endow your structure with special benefits like heightened energy efficiency. We currently service TPO, PVC, and EPDM. Whichever you want for your structure, you can count on exceptional service from our team.

Residential Roofer

Shingle Roof Repair and Other Residential Services

Roof Repair

We Provide Everything You Need for the Care of Your Residential Roof.

As residential roofers, we offer unparalleled service across asphalt shingles and a selection of premium roofing materials. The roof over your head must reliably protect you, your property, and your loved ones from exposure to the elements. To facilitate this, we recommend that every client schedules an annual roofing inspection. This gives us the opportunity to perform maintenance and make preventative repairs against leaks and other issues.

  • Asphalt Shingles The most popular roofing material in the country, asphalt shingles offer good service at an economical price.
  • Roof Flashing Repair Roof flashing defends the most vulnerable areas of your roof, so keep it in good repair.
  • Roof Inspections We recommend annual inspections to maintain the condition of your roofing.
  • Roof Installation The lifespan of your roof depends on the quality of your installation. Trust our team for this work.
  • Roofing Repair Company For any repairs that your roof could need, we’re the local experts.
  • Repairing Soffit & Fascia Soffit and fascia both perform an invaluable service. If you notice signs of wear, give us a call.
  • Premium Roofing Premium roofing offers a wider range of choices, any of which can provide attractive, durable service for your home.
  • Roof Replacement When the time comes to replace you roof, you can trust in our experienced team.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roof Replacement and Other Services

Our commercial roof services encompass everything you could need for the roof on your commercial or industrial structure. Commercial roofing must deal with a lot of threats, and we can design a roofing solution perfectly suited for your industry and location. We service a range of materials, including single ply membranes, commercial metal, modified bitumen, and built up roofing. When you contact us for work with any of these, you can expect service that outstrips anything you’ll find in our local service area.

  • Built Up Roofing Built of roofing consists of alternating layers of strong materials, and can provide dependable service for a commercial roof.
  • Commercial Roof Consultant If you want to rest easy about your next commercial roof project, hire us as consultants.
  • Commercial Roof Replacement IThe replacement of a commercial roof is an involved project. For an experienced team, go with 12 Stones Enterprises.
  • Cool Roofs Cool roofs can save you money and leave the inside of your structure more comfortable.
  • Green Roofs Green roofs will not only save you money on your energy bills, but also work to preserve the environment.
  • Industrial Roof Contractors We have an expert’s understanding of the special requirements of industrial roofing.
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Installation Modified bitumen has a great deal of flexibility in terms of use, and can protect a variety of structures.
  • Single Ply Roofing As the most widespread solution for commercial roofing, single ply membranes offer good protection and a range of benefits.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Repairs & Installation

Modern manufacturing advancements have transformed metal from the rustic covering you’d find on old barns, to one of the premier roofing materials now available. Metal offers unparalleled service and durability for both residential and commercial structures, with special varieties available to suit any need. The most popular type of metal roofing, standing seam metal, counts as one of our areas of expertise. For roof repair or installation of any of the following types of metal, count on 12 Stones Roofing.

  • Aluminum Roofs Aluminum roofing provides for fast installation and top-tier resistance to corrosion..
  • Corrugated Metal Panels Corrugated metal now comes in a range of colors, and offers an economical choice for metal roofing.
  • Residential Metal Roofs More and more homeowners have begun to discover the benefits of metal roofing.
  • Snap Lock Metal Panels A variety of standing seam metal, snap lock panels are commonly used on steep-sloped structures.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs Standing seam metal’s vertical seams offer a high level of resistance to leaks.
  • Steel Roof Systems A steel roof benefits from exceptional strength and a zinc coating that resists the encroachment of rust.

Storm Damage Repair

Wind & Storm Damage Roof Repairs

When storm damage afflicts your structure, you’ll need fast service for repairs. The longer you wait to perform storm damage roof repair, the greater your expense, and the more threatened your roof will become. If your roof suffered serious damage that goes unresolved before the next storm, you could confront the crisis of major leaks or complete roofing failure. Schedule an inspection to follow every major storm, and your roof will enjoy a longer life.

  • Emergency Roof Experts If you ever experience an emergency roofing issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call.
  • Roof Hail Damage Hail can devastate a roof. Trust our team for an inspection and repairs.
  • Roof Insurance Assistance If you ever need help with a roof insurance claim, you can count on our experienced staff.
  • Repairing Roof Leaks Roof leaks can create major repair requirements, so address yours as soon as possible.
  • Roof Wind Damage Repairs Wind can wear down and eventually destroy a roof. Our roofers can readily repair both hidden and obvious signs of damage.

Emergency Roof Repairs

At 12 Stones Roofing, we exist in order to provide valuable roofing services to our community. If you ever have the need for emergency roof repair, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will respond at any time, whether it’s the dead of night, middle of the weekend, or during a holiday. From there, we will do work to stabilize your roof, discuss your options with insurance, and devise the best course of action for full repair. To learn more our roof repair services, or any other work we provide, give us a call today at 832-815-9463. At 12 Stones Roofing, we’re your superior service solution for roofing installations, replacement, or commercial and residential roof repair in La Porte & Baytown, TX.